Notes from the Vice President,

Another month has passed already. Here we are coming into April. 

Once again, your Club helped out the local Boy Scouts with their fundraiser this past month and they made over $1,600. I talked to some of the parents, and they really appreciate everything the Club did to make that day a GREAT SUCCESS! I just can’t be more proud of this Club and what we do for our community. A special THANKS to Chef Dave and all of the volunteers that made this day a memorable day for our Youth.

Take a look at the April calendar and get ready for another fun-filled month of activities. If you can spare the time, jump in and be a volunteer. We can always use the additional help.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Easter. May you all take some time that day to reflect and thank God for everything he does to watch over us and keep us strong. We truly live in a great place (our own little paradise) and are a part of a strong Club. I certainly appreciate and am blessed to have met so many nice people here and make some new friends every month that goes by.

Wayne Bachman
A Message from the Vice President, Wayne Bachman